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Green Reflection


Typically, I teach online creative writing courses with The Loft Literary Center. You can find my Teaching Artist Bio here.

In teaching, my goal is to foster two competing ideals—vulnerability and confidence. Encouraging experimentation in topic and form, I strive to help students share enough of themselves to articulate identity and foster empathy, while also maintaining the belief that one’s story is worth telling.


In short, my teaching philosophy is: take the work seriously, not yourself.

I am not offering any courses in Spring of 2024. I intend to offer courses in the fall.

Editorial Feedback

Not everyone needs a workshop—sometimes, all a writer needs is a fresh perspective on their writing.

In my consultations, I’m never trying to turn your book into something it’s not. I try to simply make it the best and clearest version of itself it can be. Revision is where the real magic happens, but it can also be the most exhausting part of the writing process--I'm here to help!

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